ROYAL CITY REALTY PTY LTD is an innovative real estate company...

...based in Brisbane Queensland linking specialised properties and services to investors and owner occupiers in the area of real estate investments and export opportunities with an ability to succeed by marketing locally as well as internationally.

ROYAL CITY REALTY PTY LTD has been created due to the global way in which we all do business today no longer are markets defined by boundaries. The real estate industry has the opportunity to create long term international customer relations with individual people as well as corporations by developing global marketing opportunities for Australian real estate via e-commerce and international relationships with Australian expatriates and Australian corporations moving executive staff to and from Australia. Royal City Realty has experience in this area, negotiating exclusive agreements, sales and coordinating export arrangements for Australian and International organisations sourcing executive residences, commercial and industrial properties as well as major operating agricultural projects and providing management structures to handle the ongoing business operations for the new investors.

Royal City has an extensive network throughout Australia and would be very happy to handle your properties requirements on an exclusive basis.

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Royal City Realty