SHOPHOUSE LIVING was the norm in the early days where convenience met with a practical way of doing business. Particularly convenience and a cost effective way of having a lifestyle that worked for young professionals in a convenient location. SHOPHOUSE LIVING will attract young people who want to live and work from home but don’t have the opportunity to do that,” “Typically, they are between the ages of 25 and 35 and still living at home with their families. Hopefully, this gives them the ability to be a bit more independent while being close to their workplace and create an asset instead of paying rent. We want to provide an alternative housing option.”

Filling a gap

At ROYAL CITY REALTY PTY LTD we believe that SHOPHOUSE LIVING is filling a gap in the market. We see the concept as “effectively a hybrid between co-living and professional shop/office apartments” but with an added appeal to millennials of being a boutique project with character, and convenience where having to leave home to work on a daily basis is not required



ROYAL CITY REALTY is currently working on Masterplanned development projects where significant areas are developed to enhance the surrounding neighbourhoods combining a mix of residential, commercial, community and open space areas. This type of development provides a wide range of opportunities for job creation and family living for the 21st century.



There is an opportunity to develop a magnificent resort style retreat which would be ideal as a further expansion for an existing resort operator. The location is close to Brisbane and Beaches with outstanding never to be built out views.