Our Promise to you

We are committed to delivering a superior level of service.

We will strive to get it right the first time

We will promptly return your telephone calls

We will have a positive and enthusiastic attitude about managing your property

We will care for your property as though it was our own

We will provide hassle-free management

We will skillfully represent you

We understand that our clients and customers are the reason why we are in business.

Our professional team understand that the property you place in our hands is worth more than just the weekly asking rent, we appreciate that this is valuable asset, a nest egg for your future. We will spend the time in providing genuine facts and information for you to make an informed decision, we are a solution based team with the big picture in mind.


Tenant selection is one of the key areas to a smooth and hassle free property tenancy. It follows that correctly selecting the right tenants is one of the primary methods we use to minimise extra expense for our clients. At Royal City Realty we thoroughly check the background of your prospective tenants. This involves investigation of employment, real estate and personal references, landlord references, and tenancy history records through state and national database services. That means when we refer any tenancy applications to you for your approval you can rest assured that you are making decisions with all the available facts.



Unfortunately from time to time you may have to rely on us to chase up your rental income. This can happen for any number of personal or economic reasons, even after your tenants have passed the careful selection criteria. We recognise that your rental income is vital to the success of your investment. At Royal City Realty every precaution is taken to minimise tenants falling behind in their rent. This includes daily review of tenancy rent accounts, and if required we have strict policies and procedures in place to address and rectify these situations as soon as they arise. Our primary focus is to ensure that our office reduces, and if possible eliminates, any potential loss of income to our property owners.


Our business understands that many property owners rely on their weekly rent to meet mortgage commitments and every endeavour is taken to minimise vacancy periods. All things being equal there are 2 main reasons that properties don’t rent and they are: Price – The widely accepted wisdom is that the supply and demand forces in the market set the price. In other words as agents we don’t set the market price, but it is your prospective tenants that do. In any competitive situation a property that is priced over that market will be passed over for the next property, so it is very important to ensure your price is within the markets reach. Marketing – This is the next main reason properties can sit vacant, but getting this right can help minimise any vacancy period. Most people have heard the expression that “you can’t sell a secret” and the same principle applies for rental properties. We utilise systems that regularly monitor and assess the current and potential future market conditions. This combined with our expertise and experience ensures you get the high quality information you deserve to base your decisions around.


Part of our service to our property investors we realize the importance of rental returns and their ongoing role in complimenting the growth of the value of your property asset. We are constantly monitoring the current market rent on your behalf. A minimum of one rent review is carried out per year and one is automatically carried out when a tenant vacates or their tenancy agreement comes up for renewal.


We understand it’s imperative to monitor the condition of your asset, so we regularly inspect your property. After each inspection you will receive a full written report on the property’s condition and this will include photos. During these inspections we will conduct a maintenance inspection as well as a general check of the internal and external condition. Should any major maintenance be required, you will be notified immediately. You can also be confident that a detailed final inspection is carried out after the tenant has vacated and before bond monies are released. Once again you will receive a written report. DUTY OF CARE What if… we don’t take care of the property? As a property owner you have a duty of care and legal obligation to protect the tenant and look after the investment property. Failure to carry out this obligation could result in serious consequences. The property must be kept in a clean, well-maintained condition, which is safe for the tenant to live in. Our office is constantly working towards protecting your investment dollar $$$. ACCOUNTS Because many of our Investors require a totally “worry free package”, we can pay all accounts that relate to your investment property – rates, body corporate fees, landlord protection insurance, electricity accounts and any others that may arise. Special Note: Should you require our office to pay these accounts you may be required to contact the organisation to “authorise” the accounts to be sent to our office.


Our office utilises the latest in computer software so that we can offer you a greater number of options and speedier service in accounting monies to you. We can work with you to ensure that you get your money quicker each month. You will promptly receive a fully computerised statement of your account at the beginning of each month. It is important that you carefully read the statement each month to ensure that all of the information is correct. We will also submit to you a fully computerised statement at the end of each financial year summarising all income and expenditure relating to the property. Should you require any detailed information on basic taxation issues please contact our office to discuss this further. All taxation advice should be confirmed with your Accountant.


Our office realises that you have an interest in the investment market and we strive to not only keep staff updated on relevant property issues, but you as a valued client. You will receive a regular newsletter covering market conditions, legislation changes, current litigation concerns, and investment properties for sale, local area developments and lots more.


Our first action would be self-resolution. We negotiate with the party on your behalf to try and come to an amicable solution. On the rare occasion where we are unable to resolve the dispute, it would be necessary to instigate legal proceedings against a tenant in QCAT. We can act on your behalf at QCAT. You can be assured that we are aware of the legal requirements necessary in reducing any problems.